RDC Advisors provides interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Restructuring and Board of Director services to leading middle market private equity firms and privately held companies.

As the former CEO of multiple middle market companies, including three roles that started as interim, Jim Still brings to interim assignments broad based experience, leadership, and strategic acumen.  With four successful business transformations resulting in highly accretive exits and one exit pending, he has driven business transformation and growth acceleration via organic and inorganic means.

For interim CEO work, Jim provides fresh, tight assessments of interim situations with a singular focus on the needs of ownership.  As an interim leader and not a consultant seeking full-time work, he provides an unbiased perspective to owners.   Industries served inn business services, education and training, financial services, and healthcare services.   For  interim work, al industries can be covered due to the nature of the assignment.

As a Board of Directors member, Jim brings operating experience and senior management perspective skills to the role. As a current or former Board of Directors member for over one dozen companies, he brings experience on critical matters facing those with Board level responsibility. His ability to understand the role of operating expertise in context of strong strategic thinking has proven valuable to investors for over 25 years.

Our services include:

* Interim Chief Executive Officer

* Board of Directors leadership

* Chief Restructuring Officer

* Interim Chief Integration Officer

RDC Advisors is the operating entity owned by Jim and named after his three sons - Ryan, Derek and Colin.   Jim is a graduate of Amherst College and the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania.