Board of Directors Member

Board of Directors: 2015 – Current 

DirectPath and GigaMonster are two enterprises that were formed in May 2006 to better serve the broadband needs of residents living in multifamily communities, which includes gated communities, apartments, condominiums, and student housing. DIRECPATH quickly became the leader of broadband services in MDU communities through its acquisition of Biltmore Communications. Today, DIRECPATH leads the private cable industry in broadband services and is a DIRECTV Master System Operator (MSO). The company offers triple and double play services to over 90% of the communities it serves. Through its multi service offerings, DIRECPATH’s customers benefit from a DIRECTV bundled solution, a single installation and a single call for customer support, which significantly enhances resident satisfaction, improves property aesthetics and increases the value of multifamily communities for owners.

DirectPath and GigaMonster are the two operating organizations providing the aforementioned services, with GigaMonster splitting off in 2018 with new ownership. During the period of prior ownership, Gigamonster grew at 75% CAGR over a three-year period culminating in a $50 million capital raise.

In serving as an independent, non-management Board of Directors member, Jim's role is to oversee the financial and operating performance of the two enterprises on behalf of an institutional owner with an interest in both businesses.